Monthly Membership Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions for CCBC Sport & Leisure Services Leisure Lifestyle Monthly Direct Debit & ‘Cash Monthly’ Payment Plans

  1. We offer a number of Leisure Lifestyle membership packages which give you access to the following range of activities:
  • Active Plus: Gym, Swim, Classes, Racquet Sports, Health Suite
  • Active Swim: Swim and pool based activities e.g. Aqua Aerobics
  • Kids Plus: Gym, swim, classes (Age up to 16yrs)
  • Learn 2 Swim: Swimming lessons

Junior memberships are available for individuals aged 0 – 17 with the following age restrictions: Upon a junior member turning 18 years of age, CCBC reserves the right to automatically upgrade to the adult membership rate unless a cancellation request has been received by Customer Service Team.

  1. All Members taking out one of the above types of membership will automatically receive a free Leisure Card and access to benefits subject to criteria.
  2. A photograph is mandatory for all Leisure Lifestyle members to prevent misuse of benefit under the membership criteria.
  3. Replacement lost or stolen Leisure Cards cost £2 payable in advance via calling the customer service team.
  4. You must notify us if you move home or your circumstances change with regards to your entitlement to concessions.
  5. You must notify us if your name or contact details such as address, phone or email change.
  6. Only the person allocated the Smartcard may use it. Failure to present this for your booking will result in you having to pay full price to access the activity.
  7. Monthly Direct Debit – All Members paying by Direct Debit hold a membership for each month that payments are made in advance. No matter which day of the month you join, you must pay a one off pro-rata payment in advance by cash or credit/debit card. This pro rata payment will cover your usage until your first Direct Debit deduction. All subsequent payments will be collected from your account by Direct Debit on the 1st working day of every month. Where the 1st falls on a weekend/Bank Holiday your Direct Debit will be collected on the next working day after. Caerphilly County Borough Council may choose to change the monthly membership rates at any time; you will be given at least 10 working days’ notice in writing of any change.

If we do not receive your Direct Debit on the first request we will apply the amount owed to your Leisure account held with us. You will be able to bring your account up to date at one of our Leisure Centres, online by logging in to your account or by contacting our Customer Service Team on 01443 863072. You are obligated to make Direct Debit payments on the 1st working day of each month regardless of non-attendance, except where cancellation terms are met. Caerphilly County Borough Council reserves the right to withdraw facility access if the member is in arrears of their Direct Debit payments.

  1. If your personal details change please notify us as soon as possible so that we can amend our records accordingly. The details we hold for you will be used to communicate with you in relation to your Membership. We take no responsibility where you have failed to maintain up to date contact details and you are therefore unable to receive relevant service notifications.
  2. It is the Members’ responsibility to make sure that cancellation is placed with both Customer Service Team and that the Direct Debit is cancelled through their bank or building society in order to guarantee membership cancellation. Payments taken where you have not done this will not be refunded.