Club bookings Terms & Conditions

Club bookings terms & conditions

  1. Once a booking has been confirmed in writing it must be paid for in full
  2. Cancellation of any sessions within the booking period must be made in writing two weeks in advance, in order for the facility to be made available for casual users. If written notice is not received and the Centre is unable to re-let the facility the full fee will be charged
  3. Hirers will be notified in writing, in advance, by the Centre of any cancellations necessary to accommodate special events
  4. Short notice cancellations by the Centre will be avoided whenever possible and will only be made in the event of bad weather or other events beyond our control
  5. All Clubs offering coached activities must ensure that coaches are qualified to National Governing Body standards
  6. In the event of a short notice cancellation the Centre will attempt to contact the Club Secretary or other nominated official. Clubs must ensure that the Centre is advised of current contact numbers
  7. The centre manager reserves the right to cancel any booking without advance notice
  8. Appropriate dress, equipment and conduct are expected of all Club Members
  9. No studded or black soled footwear to be worn in the sports hall area
  10. No food or drink is to be consumed within the facility area
  11. No chewing gum to be consumed within the leisure centre building or pitch areas
  12. All under 8’s must be accompanied by an adult over 16 years of age at all times while in the building. This person must not leave the site, whilst the activity their child is attending is in progress
  13. Booking periods are for 55 minutes and all persons must leave the area of play, promptly after the booking has ended
  14. Only designated parking areas are to be used for parking of cars and motorbikes and not any grassed areas
  15. Dance Studio – no persons are authorised to access this area without a class tutor present. This area is not suitable for general sports activities.
  16. All casual slots must be paid for at least five minutes before the booking commences to allow staff to set up the hall – late payment by bookee’s will not mean that you are credited with the full 55 minutes
  17. School equipment such as floor mats are not to be used in the facility
  18. All customers must ensure that they do not touch any of the roller shutter or basketball winding equipment in the sports hall
  19. All casual slots must be paid for at least 10 minutes before the booking commences to allow staff to set up the activity booking area

3G/Astro Turf Pitch booking terms & conditions

All bookee’s are reminded that is it their responsibility to ensure that the regulations below are adhered to or your booking will be terminated

  1. The following footwear is permitted to be used on the 3G pitch:
  • Boots with round rubber moulded studs (¼ “ studs only)
  • Astroturf trainers
  • Trainers
  1. The following footwear is not permitted to be used on the 3G pitch:
  • Boots with metal studs (either meta screw – ins or metal blades)
  • Boots with rubber shaped blades are not allowed due to the shape of the rubber blades
  • All footwear must be clean
  1. Other rules of use:
  • No swinging on or misuse of goal posts
  • No smoking
  • No dogs
  • Please deposit all litter in bins provided
  • No heavy or sharp objects
  • No bikes etc
  • Please keep the surface free of mud, debris, weeds and moss
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