Booking Terms & Conditions

All users must comply with the general rules and conditions applicable to all users of the facilities.  All activities and facilities are subject to availability.

Lifestyle memberships are non transferable and leisure cards must only be used by the persons identified by the Leisure Membership Record.

Leisure cards must be presented at reception at all times in order to qualify for entry.  Receipts must be obtained and retained for all activities.

Members (leisure card holders) may book facilities up to 7 days in advance.  This can be done in person at the leisure centre reception, by telephone, on the Leisure Lifestyle App or on the online bookings website.

Customers will not be permitted to book consecutive courts between the hours of 5pm and 8pm on weekdays and weekends.

All bookings are for 55 minutes, with the exception of squash which is 40 minutes playing period in order to allow an appropriate 5 minute changeover period. Overplaying beyond this period when there is no subsequent booking will incur an additional court charge that may be added to the members account.

Classes cannot be booked for more than one person unless the member in question is part of the same membership. (Couples / Family)

Group booking concessions for racquet sports are available. If a concessionary member makes the booking all members of that group must also be concessionary members.

Members must report to reception before their booking begins to ensure their attendance is recorded.  Failure to do so will incur a ‘no show’ charge for the class.

If you need to cancel a booking, you must do this using the app or online booking system or by contacting the leisure centre giving 24 hours notice.  Failure to do so will incur a ‘no show’ charge.

Junior Access Terms & Conditions

  1. Children under the age of 14 can not access adult classes
  2. Specific junior based classes are available for children under 14. Leisure centres will display available junior classes at all times.
  3. Children aged 14 – 16 can attend ‘appropriate’ classes.
    1. Circuits – 14-16 years can attend Circuits with a responsible adult, (16+). No use of free weights will be allowed. Age/Maturity: Children need to be mature and responsible enough to follow the safety rules.
    2. Group Cycle – 14+ can attend. The Bike is designed to accommodate most users from 150 to 205 cm / 59.1 to 81.7 inch height. (Age/Maturity: Children need to be mature and responsible enough to follow the safety rules. It can sometimes be tempting for kids to pedal as fast as they can, and that can be unsafe. Because the group cycling bike is a fixed gear bike, the weight of the flywheel can turn the pedals at a very high speed with a lot of momentum if there’s not enough resistance. Youth fitness guidelines for resistance training: Pre-pubescent children should not “climb hills” on the Group Cycling bike with a lot of heavy resistance on the flywheel. Youth fitness guidelines advise against resistance training for kids because their growth plates (between the bones) are still developing. Matrix guidelines recommend children under 14 should be supervised, therefore, as we are not allowing under 14’s, there is no supervision requirement. If this becomes as issue, we may need to review.
  4. Children aged between 14-16 years can attend non weight bearing adult classes.
  5. ‘Appropriate’ classes are determined via consultation with the class instructor and leisure centre personnel.
  6. Children aged 16+ can attend all classes on their own.
  7. Active Kids Plus Subscription holders may book group bookings (2 players) – all players must be 16 years or under to play.

The content and implementation of this policy will be regularly monitored, reviewed and updated. 

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